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AT&T plans to sell its Puerto Rico business for almost $2 billion amid pressure from activist hedge fund Elliott Management (T)



Brendan McDermid/Reuters

  • AT&T announced on Wednesday it plans to sell its Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands business to Liberty Latin America for almost $2 billion. 
  • The sale is part of an ongoing effort by AT&T  to sell-off non-core assets, which activist hedge fund Elliott Management expressed support for when it announced a $3.2 billion stake in the company last month. 
  • The telecommunications provider said the proceeds will help reduce its debt pile and pave the way for more share buybacks. 
  • Watch AT&T trade live.

AT&T is planning to sell its Puerto Rico and US Virgin Island operations to Liberty Latin America for close to $2 billion, according to a press release published on Wednesday. 

The sale includes AT&T’s wireless spectrum, real estate and leases, and 1.1 million subscribers within the two regions. 

The deal is part of AT&T’s larger initiative to divest non-core business lines, which activist investor Elliott Management expressed support for in a recent letter to the company’s board. 

«This transaction is a result of our ongoing strategic review of our balance sheet and assets to identify opportunities for monetization,» CFO John Stephens said in a prepared statement. 

The company said the proceeds from the sale will go toward shrinking its debt pile and freeing up its balance sheet to pursue further share buybacks. The sale still has to be approved by the Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Justice, but the companies said they expect the deal to be closed within six to nine months. 

The news comes a month after Elliott revealed a $3.2 billion stake in the telecommunications provider and said the company’s shares have underperformed over a prolonged period of time. The fund suggested that AT&T could improve its business by selling non-core assets. 

«These include the well-known examples of its home security business, regional sports networks, CME, Sky Mexico, Latin American pay TV business (Vrio), Puerto Rican operations and many, many more,» the fund said in the letter. 

The activist investor also said AT&T’s purchases of DirecTV and Time Warner have been damaging to its overall business. 

Including the sale announced on Wednesday, AT&T has generated $11 billion from asset sales so far this year, the company said. 

Shares of AT&T are up almost 30% year-to-date. 

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Here’s How Xandr’s TV Ad Tool Will Work After Clypd Acquisition




The deal also involves merging certain interests with online video advertising platform SpotX, which is owned by Europe’s biggest broadcaster RTL.

In the purchase of Clypd, Xandr will acquire a company that had significant investment from RTL, thus enhancing its ability to deliver more relevant advertising to audiences on linear television.

While financial details were not publicly disclosed, sources placed the value of the deal in the tens of millions of dollars. Massachusetts-based startup Clypd has raised $30.8 million since its founding in 2012, with $19.4million coming from RTL.

Clypd offers media buyers the option of purchasing inventory on open and private marketplaces, with managed and self-serve optimization tools for advertisers soon to be added to Xandr’s premium marketplace Community.

Xandr’s Community offers digital ad inventory from the media properties it acquired through its $80 billion purchase of Time Warner (now WarnerMedia) as well as several inventory partners, including AMC Networks, Bloomberg and Hearts.

All of this enhances the Xandr Monetize platform, a suite of ad-tech tools AT&T acquired through its first technology purchase under Lesser’s leadership when it bought AppNexus for $1.6 billion.

Xandr Monetize is the primary supply-side platform on the Community marketplace, although today’s announcement also contains details of a further tie-up between the AT&T unit and RTL-owned SpotX.

This tie-up will give media buyers access to even more global video inventory from media owners such as Discovery, Electronic Arts, Roku, Samba TV and Sling by bringing onboard SpotX as the exclusive third-party server-side platform for Community in 2020.

Additionally, this relationship will also see SpotX-owned Yospace used by Xandr to improve ad insertion on WarnerMedia properties. Yospace uses technology that allows for the removal of ads contained within television broadcasts, replacing them with more targeted insertions in subsequent content streaming sessions—technology commonly referred to as server-side dynamic ad insertion.

Several sources consulted by Adweek on the matter noted how Xandr’s purchase of Clypd would complement its earlier ad-tech investments, given that AppNexus did not launch a fully fledged video advertising product until 2016.


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Google is pitching an ad format that copies Facebook, and some search-obsessed agencies are starting to see the first results from it




  • Google is targeting Facebook ad budgets with a new ad format called Discovery.
  • The ads look like social posts and are designed to catch people while they’re scrolling.
  • Two performance-based ad agencies said they’ve tested the format and expect to include them on more budgets in 2020.
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Google wants a piece of Facebook’s ad revenue with its new social ad formats.

Google in May announced a new ad format called Discovery Ads that look like social posts on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Since then, two performance-based agencies that are heavy buyers of Google ads told Business Insider that they’ve tested campaigns and expect to include the format on more client budgets in 2020.

Discovery Ads appear as a photo or carousel posts and are designed for users to scroll past like social media ads. Discovery Ads appear in Discover, the feed section of Google’s mobile website and app, on YouTube’s homepage and in Gmail.

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google discover ads

Google’s Discovery ads

Google is hunting for new places for ads

Discovery Ads are one way Google is trying to grow advertising beyond its core search business. Google does not break out its revenue by channel, but in 2018, Google reported $136.8 billion in revenue.

A spokesperson for Google said Discovery Ads are still in beta and declined to say how many advertisers are using the ad format or when it will roll out more widely.

Jennifer Kent, senior director at search ad agency Merkle, said that the agency’s retail and B2B clients have used Discovery Ads. Other brands that have used Discovery Ads include outdoor gear brand Mammut and Uber, according to social posts and the blog Android Police.

Like Google search ads, Discovery Ads are priced on a cost-per-click model. Kent said in initial tests, Discovery Ads have 70% lower cost-per-click prices than the agency’s search campaigns, including non-branded and shopping campaigns, suggesting that advertisers are reaching big audiences cheaply and without a lot of competition from other advertisers.

Discovery ad formats also have outperformed standard search formats when it comes to click-through rates, she said.

Discovery Ads can be targeted to people who seem to be in the market to buy something or have taken an action like watching a video or going to a website. Google’s targeting also includes interest, habits or demographic data.

Kent said that demand for the Discovery Ads has increased more in the past few months and that the agency is recommending it as a part of some clients’ 2020 budgets. So far budgets for Discovery Ads are coming from clients’ search budgets but she said that she expects for budgets to eventually come from budgets like Facebook.

«As we continue to gather data on it and see performance trends, I won’t be surprised to see the opportunity to pull investment from paid social and display,» she said.

Google is pushing technology that finds the right placement for advertisers

Discovery uses Google tech to find the best platform and time for ads to run, similar to Google’s tech called Smart Campaigns that use machine learning to help advertisers find the right platform, creative and goal for advertisers. The tool is also similar to Facebook’s automatic placements that analyzes its properties to find the best spot for ads to run.

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Pat Hayden, VP of search at ad agency Tinuiti, said that Discovery is the latest indication that advertisers are  increasingly using Google for ad targeting. It can take Google up to a month to kick in and start targeting the right people, which could spook performance-heavy clients, though, he said.

Tinuiti has tested Discovery ads with clients focused on acquiring subscriptions and e-commerce companies, he said.

«It takes some time for the system to learn so I think advertisers could be potentially turned off early on — it takes some time for it to hit its stride,» he said.


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Macros (Scripting). Self Botting. ( Probably the most lucrative post you'll see in a while)




As a kid I loved Dragonball z. One day I found a 2d gaming site, full of anime games. One game I played people had the power level of 1000000 (You had to sit there and Press «P» to press the punching bag. Where my powerlevel was only 300. No matter what I did.

One day I found out that these guys were cheating. They were using a software called Ez Macros/ Macro Express (More complicated but i recommend it) to train for them while they were sleeping.

If you cant beat em, join em. I cheated. Made my 300 -> 1000000. Many, many times even after i got banned. So many times i was known as the Ez King. lol.

10 years later…

I thought to myself…If I could make 1 digit into 1000000. Why cant I make $1 in my bank account into $1000000. In the end All we are dealing with are numerical digits.

I used used Ez Macros / Macro Express. And created numerous databases. This is a freebie and a spoon feed to you guys. It will take you some time to master the art of recording -> scripting.
I wouldn’t be surprised if they moved this thread to VIP section. Im teaching you how to hire 10 men for free. AI and Robots are the future. This is how you use a «Computer». Make it move for you. Bring this to an interview and you’ll get hired (worked for me).

Dont be a fool and give out your niche. Just know the wealthiest members have been here for YEARS and might have 2 or 3 posts. I am giving back because i’m tired of being a piece of shit.




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